Anemelia Mykonos 5* Hotel

A luxury hotel integrating Mykonos heritage with serious playfulness: Anemeliá Hotel draws inspiration from the whimsical nature of Elia beach, to revive that worry-free state of mind that contemporary travelers seek. Faithful to a slow living set of values, Anemeliá redefines the concept of upscale hospitality by adopting its own Cycladic poetic. Eclectic and nonchalant, the 17 private pool suites of Anemeliá, enjoy amazing sea and island views above Elia beach, Mykonos.

Philosophy: Anemelia

Freedom and serenity meet the understated luxury of a 5 * Hotel, designed to celebrate unpretentious leisure with exceptional services. More than a place, Anemeliá is a feeling.
The combination of the Greek words Anemos (wind) & Elia (olive tree) that inspire its name, highlight a stay that feels refreshingly carefree. Open-up to a sophisticated twist to eternal blue.
Welcome to Anemeliá.

Anemelia Accomodation

Unapologetically Mykonian, Anemeliá sets the tone for a holistic sea view resort which echoes the natural beauty of the landscape. Its privileged location that overlooks Elia beach, allows guests to reconnect with the essence of Cycladic living, cultivating a new experience of belonging. The top hill of Elia bay, grants Anemeliá that sweet spot between closeness to the beach and indulging privacy. Reflecting the earthy hues of the rugged island ambience, the curves of the surrounding hills and the perfection of a sea-centered horizon; the -2023 built- 17 luxury suites with private pools of Anemeliá, are framed by wisely oriented terraces and spaces dedicated to laid-back hospitality.

Design: Anemelia

Sculptural and communal areas with marble elements, light-fillet terraces, Mediterranean gardens, an impressive infinity pool, a chic boutique, a lavish spa with plunge pool, a gym and a soul-filled restaurant, share a contemporary hospitality narration, characterized by eclectic traits and inclusive mind set. The architectural study by Evripiotis Architects set the
tone for the hotel’s integration into the Cycladic landscape, while A&M Architects for the interior design selected stone and whitish masonry to star in the space, referring to the island’s whitewashed alleys of “Chora”, just as the wooden pergolas paired with the shades and textures of the fabrics used, make a direct reference to the sand. Lights design in all
indoor and outdoor spaces is signed by SMK Group of professionals, shaping an impressive yet relaxing ambience.

Restaurants & more

Tarātsa Restaurant – Bar
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Anāsa Spa
Anemelia Gym

Location Elia

Anemelia Mykonos is located 7.1km from Mykonos International Airport

5* Star Hotel Mykonos

Anemelia in Mykonos
Elia, Mykonos, Greece

E MAIL 24/7

Winter Period
*until April 30th and as of October 1st
– Mon – Fri 09:00-21:00
– Weekend 10:00-19:00
Summer Period
*May 1st – September 30th
– Mon – Sat 09:00-22:00
– Sunday 10:00-19:00


Notification Number
1303645 (ver. 1)